Volunteer Management Software

Imagine a nonprofit software where you can access everything in one system. Scheduling, Hours Tracking & more.

Full Nonprofit Volunteer Management Solution

A better volunteer scheduling, hours tracking, volunteer management & donor conversion experience. Integrated with Giveffect’s Donor, Events & Fundraising, Constituent Relationship Management Database. We do the heavy lifting. Say goodbye to manual data entry. Connected and automated.

Seamlessly recruit and track new volunteers.

Give your Volunteer Coordinators and Development Directors a great experience - not a stack of paperwork. After volunteers complete their online application, we do the rest - online and automatically. And employees love it.

Volunteer Application
  • Online Application Forms
  • Liability and Waiver Forms
  • Volunteer Skills, Interest, Certifications, Groups
  • Volunteer Availability & Frequency
  • Online Application Custom Forms
  • Emergency Contact
  • Enter New Volunteers Manually

Create and manage volunteer shifts in minutes, not days.

Managing shifts is easy! Create volunteer opportunities for all or groups. Send out public or private online calendars - and more features. All entries are saved to your nonprofit volunteer management software. Automated paperless experience.

Nonprofit Volunteer Management
  • Unlimited Volunteer Jobs and Shifts
  • General Volunteer Opportunities
  • Group Restrictive Volunteer Opportunities
  • Private Online Calendar for Volunteers
  • Automated Volunteer Confirmation Email
  • Automated Volunteer Reminder Email
  • Volunteer Login Portal
  • Volunteer Automated Shift Cancellation
  • Volunteer Newsletters
  • Volunteer Direct Email
  • Email Campaign Analytics
  • Volunteer Recruitment Pages
  • Volunteer Campaign Analytics
  • Assign Offline Volunteer Opportunities

Turn your mobile device into a volunteer check-in kiosk.

Your phone, tablet or laptop can turn into a virtual kiosk for volunteer check-ins. All tracking is done online with Giveffect’s web-based volunteer management software - automatically. You will no longer manually track volunteer hours, we take care of that.

Nonprofit virtual kiosk
  • Virtual Kiosk for Volunteer Check-In
  • One-by-One Volunteer Check-In
  • Batch Entry Volunteer Assignment Logs

Real-time volunteer reports and data analytics.

Answer important volunteer management questions with Giveffect’s centralized, up-to-date data. Say goodbye to scattered out-of-date spreadsheets across multiple systems.

  • Volunteer Basic and Advanced Reports
  • Pre-prepared Volunteer Reports
  • Volunteer Recruitment Analytics Dashboard
  • Volunteer Newsletter Analytics Dashboard
  • Volunteer Analytics Dashboard
  • Volunteer Quality Control

Our Volunteer team was using paper, so we didn’t have any access to our volunteers unless we’re talking about hours and hours of manual data entry. Now we can manage volunteers and do more.

We’re now able to make a donation request at the end of the year when people are ripe for donations. Tons of people are getting our Christmas e-Card, which didn’t get to them last year.

Firstly, we’re able to get cleaner data, which allows us to send our information to the correct emails and addresses. We can communicate with everyone who supported us throughout the year because of the data collection that comes through: volunteering campaigns, fundraising campaigns, rsvp campaigns. All of these things combined means we can reach more and more people

Kevin Miller, Director of Marketing and Communications - Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio