Events and Fundraising System

Launch and manage any type of fundraising website with Giveffect’s all inclusive events, fundraising and relationship management software.

Giveffect powers all Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas

Juggling many nonprofit events and fundraising management systems online can be a hassle. Giveffect is the end-to-end nonprofit software that powers fundraisers of all types. Our client success team will help make your fundraising ideas come true. Increase your donor records automatically with our donor management database. It automatically logs donor records from the fundraising software.

Our leading software for nonprofits can power all types of fundraisers: ticket sale, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, team fundraisers, DIY fundraising tools - all done through one fundraising software. Raise money easily with your limited resources using Giveffect’s management fundraising software for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Management Fundraising Software: Branded Online Fundraising Page

Nonprofits can create and launch any type of online fundraising campaign with Giveffect’s fundraising software. Online fundraising page branded to your nonprofit’s look and feel, personalized descriptions, images and video communicate the goal to raise money in support of your nonprofit mission.

  • Branded online fundraising site
  • Personalized donation tiers and accept donations online
  • Donation and custom metric thermometer - progress bar
  • Mobile responsive donation page
  • Email and social media share integration
  • Custom crowdfunding perks and rewards
  • Event fundraising and RSVP tickets and guestlists
  • Issue branded tax-receipts and thank you letters per donor
  • Built-in individual and team fundraising software
  • Easy-to-use nonprofit fundraising management systems
  • Easy-to-use all-in-one relationship management database
  • ... and more!
Nonprofit Management Fundraising Software

Marketing and Communication Tools: Integrated with the all-in-one Nonprofit Software

Use Giveffect’s nonprofit management database to communicate with nonprofit donors, volunteers and supporters. Send out newsletters and direct email for free. Built-in communication tools allow nonprofits engage with donors and supporters in a social and user-engaging way.

  • MailChimp and SparkPost email newsletter integration
  • Giveffect built-in email marketing tools
  • Branded and personalized thank you emails and tax-receipts
  • Segmented direct email and newsletters
  • Print-friendly and personalized direct mail templates
  • Individual and Team fundraising website
  • Nonprofit, individual and team activity wall
  • Nonprofit, individual and team photo album
  • Email & Social Media share integration
  • Sponsorship logo upload and payment management software
  • ... and more!
Marketing and Communication Tools

Nonprofit Fundraising Smart Automation: We do the hard work

Donor and fundraising supporters are automatically logged in the nonprofit fundraising database - connected to the client relationship management database. Giveffect’s Smart Automation helps nonprofits manage lengthy paperwork. We help send personalized thank you letters, issue branded tax-receipts, automate data entry, integrate data for nonprofit management reports - and more. Save more time and raise money to support your mission!

  • Automated data entry
  • Automated and personalized thank you emails
  • Automated and branded tax-receipts
  • Automated ticket confirmation
  • Automated event email reminders
  • Real-time data analytic reports
  • Integrated reports on all donors, volunteers and supporters
  • ... and more!
Nonprofit Fundraising Smart Automation

Real-Time Data Analytics and Reports: Integrated Nonprofit Management Reports.

Volunteers, donors, fundraising supporters and sponsors - creating reports and tracking the return of each nonprofit marketing initiative, online fundraising campaign, recruitment efforts can now translate to the amount of dollars raised per outreach program. Track and measure the impact of each program and determine the nonprofit overall impact made per donor, supporter and volunteer.

  • Online fundraising campaign data dashboard
  • Direct email and newsletter campaign data dashboard
  • Constituent donor and volunteer health profile
  • Online donations data dashboard
  • Virality and referral tracking
  • Expense tracking and reports
  • Budget tracking and reports
  • ... and more!
Real-Time Data Analytics and Reports

Nonprofit Client Support: Where Fundraising Ideas Come to Life

Nonprofits get access to Giveffect’s chat support. Purchase Phone or Account Manager Support Packages for additional support. Access video tutorials, internal FAQ and whitepapers from our nonprofit management software. Got plenty of fundraising ideas? Our community of experts will help you achieve your fundraising dreams with Giveffect’s flexible fundraising software.

  • Built-in Free Chat Support
  • Free Access to Video Tutorials
  • Free Access to Inspiring White Papers
  • Free Client Experiences Shared
  • Phone Support with support upgrade
  • Account Manager Support with support upgrade
  • Internal FAQ
  • ... and more!
Nonprofit Client Support