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Ronald McDonald House: Improving Organizations that Save Lives

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Giveffect‘s all-in-one system equips nonprofit organizations with the software needed to maximize their day-to-day functions and achieve their mission in innovative ways. Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley has improved its workflow and increased their donor engagement, room allocation reporting and much more by converting to Giveffect and leveraging Giveffect’s 10-in-1 software.

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1. Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley Overview

2. Increased Efficiency: Resource Allocation (reduced excess manual entry and gained additional hours with smart automation)

3. Detailed Resources Overview

4. Online Donation Increase (increased overall online donations by 60% utilizing the event management tool for fundraising)

5. Increased Donation Overview (effectively utilized campaign pages to encourage donors to engage with the organization)

6. Conclusion: Impeccable Constituent Engagement

1. Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley Overview

Volunteers: Exceed Beyond, Meal Train, Google
CRM: Exceed Beyond,
Donation: Greater Giving
Email Marketing: Constant Contact,
Point of Contact: Christina Riley, Executive Director


The Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley is committed to keeping families with
sick or injured children close to each other and to the care and resources they need.
We achieve our mission through the quality, experience, and dedication of our staff and volunteers,
as well as support from their community and local businesses.

Their vision is to be recognized within the tri-state and Hudson Valley Region as an organization
that makes a significant contribution to improving the lives of children and their families by:

  1. increasing access to health care for families with children in need
  2. ensuring efficient and effective use of resources to advance our mission
  3. celebrating diversity of our people and programs
  4. operating with accountability and transparency

2. Increased Efficiency: Resource Allocation

Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley developed a process around room allocation through multiple software systems. This results in additional manual entry because information is being transferred between completely separate systems.

Giveffect’s Resources tab allows RMHGHV to check the occupancy of rooms, waitlists and needs of families staying at the facility all at once. Prior to using Giveffect, RMHGHV used Exceed Beyond as their guest management tool, but had trouble with reporting. By creating specialized queries within the Giveffect system, users are able to save specific queries for future use and gather information needed to gather reports.

A challenge our clients face before converting to Giveffect is the complexity of reporting tools. Oftentimes, team members struggle with creating custom queries or ensuring the proper data is captured as they gather final reports to share with their superiors. What Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley found is that the previous system they used excluded vital data needed when pulling reports, making it difficult to manage guests appropriately and efficiently.
Giveffect eliminates this problem with customized reporting which allows users to create and save queries and gather reports quickly.

Another benefit RMHGHV gained from utilizing Giveffect was the ability to reduce the amount of software used to support their room allocation process and volunteers. before, two different softwares were used to manually enter information about volunteers, families occupying the house and creating a schedule to ensure everyone was accounted for. With two systems that do not speak to each other, there is no guarantee that duplicates will not be created.

3. Detailed Resources Overview

Ronald McDonald House ofthe Greater Hudson Valley Room Allocations February 2019

Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley Room Allocation and Occupancy Rate (January 2019 – February 2019)

4. Online Donation Increase

Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley previously used Greater Giving to keep track of online donations, but had issues with reporting. Their donations fund resources for families that occupy the Ronald McDonald House while their children are being treated at the hospital.

Giveffect’s Donations Database gives RMHGHV a 360-degree view of their constituents and tracks their donations regardless of what campaign they participated in. Within the donations database RMHGHV is able to send direct mail, tax receipts, and more to their donors.

Online donations have increased with the use of Giveffect’s event system and creating pages for events and peer-to-peer campaigns. Campaign pages creates opportunities for donors, sponsors and volunteers to engage and easily donate to RMHGHV’s major events such as their Annual Golf Outing and the Annual Dylan J. Hoffman Walk & Family Fun Day.

RMHGHV continues to exceed their fundraising goals and increasing their donations. Between 2017 and 2018, donations have increased.

Ronald McDonald House exceeded their fundraising goals for the Annual Golf Outing and the Annual Dylan J. Hoffman Walk & Family Fun Day.

5. Increased Donation Overview

Comparison of Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley Annual Donations (2014-2018)
Total Raised: $3,819,797.90 *Please Note: Data from 2014 and 2015 was requested and imported into the system during the on-boarding process*

Annual Comparison of Ronal McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley Campaigns and Donation Amount Raised between 2018-2019 Total Raised: $112,894.02

6. Conclusion

Impeccable Constituent Engagement:
Implementing the right software is essential for the success of your nonprofit organization. Systems
that don’t speak to your mission and vision hinders efficiency and makes it difficult to operate with
accountability and transparency. The 360-degree view that Giveffect provides allowed RMHGHV to get a complete view of their constituents, engage them through campaigns to increase online giving, and
easily pull reports to support their staff and volunteers.

Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley relies heavily on the assistance of their
committed volunteers and community to better serve families who are experiencing difficult times in
their lives. By providing shelter for families at a reduced cost while children are undergoing medical
attention, RMH gives families hope and a sense of security as they support their children.

RMHGHV continues to serve families that are supporting their children’s medical needs, but also
makes it a priority to ensure that those families have shelter and resources at a low-cost close to their
hospitalized child. Allocating resources for multiple families and managing hundreds of volunteers can
be difficult tasks. Even their volunteers have witnessed firsthand the impact of having adequate
room and staff to keep operations running smoothly. Volunteers have seen both sides of RMHGHV’s
mission serving as a volunteer and being in need of their services.

The driving force behind RMHGHV’s success is its impeccable constituent engagement. The
increased levels of engagement continue to provide support for families and expand RMH’s reach
throughout the Hudson Valley region. With the power of an automated system and a streamlined
process of allocating resources, RMH is able to provide their constituents with services and
opportunities to give back.

Giveffect’s Constituents tab allows RMHGHV to get a detailed view of their constituent’s donation
history and volunteer hours. As profiles are being created, RMHGHV can gather even more detailed information in their contact profile!

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